The brand

Lily White is the story of a little girl’s dream
The story of Pauline waisblum who always believed in standing out of the crowd. She always thought that style is not about showing off, but a classy outfit added with « a little something ».
After working a few years in fashion, Pauline chose to follow her passion: creation. Nurtured by her travels, she finds inspiration in everything that surrounds her and that is how Lily White is born. Head jewellery came to her as obviousness. And it is in her hometown, in Brussels, where she decided to launch her brand.
Lily white offers you handmade head jewellery that will suit all styles from chic to bohemian. Delicate and easy to wear, the products will add a fancy touch to any outfit you will pick. Dare to stand out, dare to wear Lily White.
Pauline Waisblum